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Ugh, FUCK. Goddamn Youtube kids, they always find some new retarded way to piss me off on a weekly basis. Their newest scheme involves spamming people with friend invites, then sending them whiny messages when their terrible videos don't have as many views as they want a couple months later.

"Hey I noticed you were on my friends list and you havent watched or faved or commented any of my videos do it you ungrateful bastard"
"Oh, I'm sorry. I'll rectify that mistake right now. Here." (Removed from friends, message deleted, user flagged for spamming and being a rude cunt)

Hey douche-lick, if you need to beg random strangers to watch, favorite and comment your videos, it's probably because they're not worth watching in the first place. If your only goal on posting shit on Youtube is to raise some tiny number - possibly to get "partnership" and maybe earn a check or two before the copyright Nazis come down on your operation and delete your account for some inexplicable bullshit reason - then you're certainly going to have to do better than posting grainy, out-of-focus video with audio drowned out by your shitty microphone's constant feedback loop. Step up your game, buy a decent camera and mic, and make something people actually WANT to watch, that's how you get ahead. If that means getting off World of Warcraft for a few hours a day to hit the pavement looking for a job, well then, so be it.

One more thing: if you're capturing shit off TV or a video game console, go the extra step and invest in a capture card or a DVD recorder. Just pointing a camera at the TV always looks and sounds like complete dogshit. This technology gets cheaper every day, take advantage.
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