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Fuck that huge mess you left in the kitchen, and fuck the list of excuses you have for not cleaning it up. Everyone else in the house cleans up after they cook something. However, if anyone even thinks of asking you to clean up, you get all pissy and make excuses. Then you fuck off until someone else cleans up. If anyone else makes even half the mess you do, you whine and bitch OVER AND OVER until they clean up.

Well, fuck you. I got myself a plate of dinner, but it didn't get eaten. I lost my appetite when I saw that disaster in the kitchen, which I had to clean up (YOU'RE FUCKING WELCOME, BY THE WAY). No one should need that many pans, utensils, plates, bowls, and towels to make 4 fucking dishes. ONE frying pan could've made 3 of those dishes, yet you needed 3 frying pans, a pot, and a roasting pan! And the towels...WHY are they covered in food? I've had enough of your bullshit, so I left you something. The stove's still covered in grease and burned food. The dish towels and oven mitts you messed up are on your bed. Of course, someone other than you will probably clean them (YOU'RE WELCOME. AGAIN!).
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holy shit dude.
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