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Why the fuck dont any of you explain yourselves clearly and precisely?
Why do you all get to bitch and complain about your petty nigger problems, but when i try to explain Why i am limited by my PTSD, Autism, insomnia and joint/back pain, things i have always been suffering from, i am just making excuses, i am just being a bitch, do i say heartless things to you when you whine about your selfish shitty little lives where you constantly pull money from your wallets and say your broke, bug when i open my empty wallet and ask for some money for food. You spit in my face and say to get a job or go beg on the street? Why the fuck is everyone exactly the same, why the fuck is it whenever people say they can "line it all up" to gef me a job i travel across the country obly to find i need a new resume, that i gave to do every bit of work that you said you would help with. Why is it that everyplace i end up staying imposes stupid micromanaging rules on me but when i ask nicely unlike any of you kikes you shake your fucking head and ignore my request like im telling you to jerk me off? At every given moment ive onlh tried to limit my stress. And keep everyone else happy, but its never enough for you. I SLINK AROUND EVERY PLACE SO MUCH MY NECK IS HURTING 24/7 I CANT EVEN STAND UP STRAIGHT BECAUSE IM ALWAYS WEIGHED DOWN BY YOUR JUDGEMENTAL EYES THAT YOU THINK I CANT SEE. I AM HYPERSENSITIVE AND YOU TRYING TO HIDE YOUR DISPOSITION IS A SLAP IN MY FACE. NONE OF YOU FAGGOTS CAN SEE THAT IVE BUILT MY ENTIRE LIFE AROUND GIVING AND NEVER TAKING, I ONLY TAKE ENOUGH TO SURVIVE WHILE YOU FUCKINGCWHORES TAKE EVERY DOLLAR I HAVE IN "PAYMENT" FOR ME DOING 75% OF THE CHORES, FOR ME TRYIMG TO HELP AND GET -YOUR- STUPID SHIT DONE WITHOUT HAVING A MOMENF OR TWO TO MYSELF, NOT EVEN WATCHING THE TV OR MOVIES LOUD ENOUGH FOR ME TO HEAR BECAUSE IF YOU HEAR IT EVEN A TINY BIT IM A PIECE OF SHIT THATS DEAF AS FUCK, WHY DO YOU INVITE ME TO YOUR HOUSE THEN TELL ME YOUR WIFE DOESNT WANT ME HERE. WHY DO ALL OF YOU DRINK AND SMOKE WHILE I COUGH AND HAVE ASTHMA ATTACKSTHEN TELL ME I NEED TO BE OFF MY WEED FOR 15 WEEKS SO I CAN GET A.JOB YOU NEVER HAD SET UP FOR ME IN THE FIRST PLACE. Why do none of you care in the slightest buf do the absolute minimum, and wonder why im so depressed and crusterated. knowing i have anxiety OCD and stress disorders, and social ineptitude? You all will die someday. I will outlive you if the pressure on my head hasnt damaged my brain permanently. Then i will dance on your graves and burn the houses of your offspring to the ground while you watch life through my eyes so god or satan can force you to see how honest i have always been. - abit of stress relief from a good natured wuffwuff
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holy shit dude.
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