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Hey, I'm a patriotic guy, I believe the best way to celebrate the birth of the nation is by blowing a small chunk of it up. But I'm not a fucking idiot! I'm driving to work this morning (still dark out) and the gas station near my job looks like the set of one of the fast and furious movies... only a really ghetto, straight to dvd version. Why they are all hanging out at the gas station at 4am is also interesting, but beside the point, because these retarded motherfuckers are having a roman candle fight! AT A FUCKING GAS STATION!!!! What the fuck is wrong with you!?!!! There should be a law that if your IQ is such that you will engage in a duel of flaming balls at a fuel depo, you should be shot in the head so the rest of us can have a happy, peacefull existence.

Also, in typical over-reaction mode, DPD sent 8 count em, eight! squad cars and no firetruck. Yes, fireworks at a gas station is an emergency, but sending more cops wont make the station explode any less.

Fuck-you retards of Dallas!!
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holy shit dude.
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