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Fucking hell, Gamestop. As if your store wasn't shitty enough for its depressing atmosphere, outrageous prices on "used" games that lack the box and manual and have the CD scratched to shit, your insultingly low trade-in prices ($3 for a game you turn around and sell for $25 - after you throw away the box and manual to completely destroy any collectible value it had, which just causes online retailers to drive up prices, of course), your dogshit shill magazine, and the brain-dead chimps you call "staff" who actively insult my taste in games every time I visit (while they try to push monkey shit like Mass Effect and Uncharted on me... yeah, that's a laugh), now you've put the final nail in your coffin.

How? Quite simple really. You straight-up lied to my face about a boxed copy of Ducktales Remastered "only being available to people who preordered." First of all, the item in question is a box containing a voucher for a digital download; who the fuck even TAKES preorders on digital downloads? Oh right, shit companies like yours who hoard hundreds of copies of rare games in the back of the store for months just to ramp up demand, then suddenly release them en masse as "used copies" for twice their original sale price. IE Xenoblade Chronicles.

Second of all, boxed versions of Ducktales weren't even released until two days after I visited your store. So you lied to me about a product no longer being available when it wasn't even released yet, and didn't even offer me a chance to buy one of your alleged "preorder-only" copies.

So that's it. I'm done. Fuck your shitty business practices, fuck your stores, fuck your employees, and fuck the corrupt, welfare-mooching scummy assholes that sit on top of the corporate chain paying idiots minimum wage and firing them for the slightest infraction against the company (but never against the customer or the laws of the land, no sir) so they have no incentive to ever better themselves. Fuck you.
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