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Well thank fuck, you've finally quit after a year and a half of ass-kissing your way up the ranks to sous chef so you could be a rude, callous, useless, unprofessional shitstain just like your hero, that stupid manchild Gordon Ramsay. That "goodbye" letter you posted was good for a laugh, at least. "I never viewed myself as a superior, more as someone working alongside equals". Which is why you consistently treated people like shit, called people names straight to their face (yeah, I remember the "shithead" incident, fucko. Don't even try to to deny that's what you said to me.), threw violent temper tantrums over stupid shit and foisted off any work you could on people who were below your rank because "it's not our job", right? That bit about "working alongside" people is a laugh too, considering you were the laziest, most useless piece of shit I've ever seen in my nine years at this company. When you weren't just kicking back and shooting the shit instead of doing prep work for thirty minutes at a time, you were always downstairs playing Farmville on company computers, checking Facebook on your cellphone or just taking six or seven twenty-minute smoke breaks every single day. But if I take a break for five minutes to get some fresh air and relieve some stress, you were always there to bust my ass and whip cardboard boxes at the back of my head under the excuse of "not seeing me".

The rest of the letter is mostly just you ass-kissing every single other person there in the hopes that they'll give you a recommendation at whatever job you sleaze your way into next. Totally laughable. I can only hope that wherever you end up, you crash and burn hard because your drinking buddies aren't there to cover for you and pick up all your slack (or just foist it off on me instead). Not that it matters much - considering your chain smoking and the fact that you get about as much exercise as a constipated sloth, you'll be dead within the next three years anyway. Good riddance.
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holy shit dude.
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