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FUCK job interviews. Fuck them HARRRRD. Why? They're broken wastes of time that cater to bullshit artists!

That rude bitch who doesn't pay attention and blames you for fucking up the order? She passed her job interview. That obnoxious ass-kisser who treats his co-workers like shit and does fuck all to help out during busy times? Somehow passed the interview! The clueless one who tries to look busy because she has no idea what's going on? Passed the fucking interview. The arrogant prick manager who treats employees AND customers like trash, but fucks one employee on the side and promotes her repeatedly? Passed. The. Interview.

This load of horsedick works in reverse, too! That girl who learns things really damned fast and is willing to work ANY shift there is? Didn't pass the interview because her answer to a question unrelated to the position was wrong. That guy who can get a raging pissed person to calm down in a heartbeat without freaking out? Failed the interview because he couldn't answer a retarded trap/think quick question such as: "What wage are you looking for?" "If you were a car, what brand would you be?" "If you were shrunk down to the size of a pencil and put in a blender, how would you get out?" That guy who fits the job perfectly and would be capable of transferring to another area if needed? Didn't pass the interview because he sent a thank you note to the interviewer to thank her for her time and consideration.

I thought job interviews were supposed to prevent this cockfuckery from happening, but I guess not! Desperate employers will hire ANYONE that applies, even assholes and brain donors. Employers looking to fill a few positions will turn away great people that didn't jump and frolic through spiked, flaming, spinning hoops. Someone please fucking ban job interviews.
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