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Fuck you Rob Simone, you're the worst Coast to Coast host ever! You're even worse than Ian Punnett, and he's fucking awful! At least when George Noory or Ian talk, I don't feel the urge to shove an ice-pick into my ear until I stop feeling the pain of your presence. Also, your Website, robsimone.com, is the gayest and cheapest piece of shit I've ever seen. I hate you and resent the fact that I have to hear you, fuck-wad! I wish the C. Crane company would make a radio that replaces you with clips of Art Bell. Christ, I could do a better job of hosting!
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man that sucks.
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To anyone calling a radio station in the middle of the night, first of all, have a fucking reason to call me. Second, the show is called "coast to coast" we don't make it here in our goddamn basement, it comes in over satellite, and no, I can't transfer you to the show, the piece of shit phone I use doesn't even have a transfer button. Thirdly, don't ask me to turn down the radio at the bar where you're killing off your few remaining brain cells, how the fuck would I even do that?

Oh, and lastly, if you're a coked-out "dancer" getting off work at 3am and I'm kind enough to look up the call-in number for the show YOU are listening to, have a fucking pen and paper, and write it down instead of calling me five times.
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man that sucks.
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