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You want to be liked by people? You don't want them to get pissed off at you? Well, here are some tips, dumbshit!

STOP FUCKING CHEATING AND CHEAPING OUT IN GAMES! I swear, you are one of the worst people to game with. You seem to think you're entitled to winning all the time, and will do absolutely anything to win. You mark cards, you use broken combos/abilities, you add extra points to stats, and you rely on trade servers and inventory editors to hand things to you. Your worst shit comes out during free-form roleplaying and writing, though. You absolutely refuse to let your characters lose, and will make sure they get anything they need when they need it, even if it's fucking impossible. Yet, if anyone else does this shit, you get all pissy and complain about how unfair it is. Grow the fuck up!

STOP LYING AND PLAGIARIZING TO GET ATTENTION! You've lied about your gender, weight, job, home and even your fucking possessions if it'll get you a few "Ooo" and "Ahhs" from people. You've taken credit for other people's stuff to make yourself look cool. This shit has caught up to you before, yet you still keep doing it! You know, being your own person is NOT going to kill you! In fact, people will like you and trust you more if you don't rely on bullshit to make friends!

QUIT SHITTING ALL OVER PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT YOU! If someone offers you support in any way, shape, or form, your best bet is to accept it graciously, and maybe even help them out when things get rough for them. Turning around and stabbing them in the back when things get ugly is not going to impress them. Siding with a useless fucktard and chewing out a person who's actually helped you makes you look like a gigantic asshole. And you WONDER why people are getting cold towards you!

STOP BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE FOR THE BAD THINGS IN YOUR LIFE! You whine and bitch about how life's out to screw you over and you have no control over ANYTHING, boo hoo. Shut the fuck up. You know why things keep going bad for you? It's the stupid shit you do! Read all the things above, and tell me that's someone else's fault! It's NOT. No one's told you to act like a fuckwit. YOU chose to. You have control over your life, but you keep making stupid choices. STOP IT.
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