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cut the crap, i want to flip the bird.
vent, bitch, and moan flipping a digital, written bird.
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God damn phone dies faster than my hardon at the sight of your mom's TITS YOUR MOM'S TITS
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man that sucks.
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Who is the slack-jawed retard who programmed my phone's mp3 player? I wanted to listen to a specific song so I click on the fucking thing, now it's made its own exclusive playlist and refuses to invite anyone but 39 of its closest friends. Okay, so thats dumb, delete the playlist, right?

NOPE! FUCK YOU, YOU STARTED THIS PLAYLIST NOW YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT. Now i have to sort through 470 goddamn songs, organized by motherfucking track number first because ID3 tags are the god damned DEVIL, pick out 40 that I like and listen until I am finally tired of them and organize myself a NEW playlist. Before I picked that one song, it would just shuffle through my whole library and delight me by being, up until now, surprisingly simple and easy to use. Why isn't there a feature as simple as PLAY ALL? Why the fuck am I now required to personally manage a microscopic playlist to listen to my music? I'm trying to fucking walk to class not make a mix tape.

Screw You, Samsung.
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man that sucks.
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