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I've started watching a show that's made in the USA, but I missed the first few episodes. That's okay, the company who broadcasts it has all the episodes up for free on their website! I'll just load one up and--

"We're sorry. You cannot view this content because you are currently outside the United States."

Are you fucking kidding me? Region-locks on FREE content? What the hell is the point? For fuck's sake, I'm in Canada, the country right above yours! The only differences between us are that we Canadians drink a fuckton of maple syrup and have government-funded healthcare, while you guys can buy booze in a grocery store and have access to a bunch of kickass stuff! Hell, the show is broadcast here by the Canadian branch of your company! I'd go watch the episodes I missed on THEIR site, but they only have 2 fucking episodes posted. And I've seen both!

Can't buy music I want off of music sites. Can't watch a few missed episodes of a TV show. Can't buy certain things online at all, or without paying insane shipping fees. Region-locks all over the fucking place! This is why pirating exists, assholes.
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holy shit dude.
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