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Why in the fuck hell do I have to enter a zip code when using a credit card now? That was the benefit of the credit card: you just swipe the fucker. Now it's one digit more of a pain in the ass than a debit card.

"It's to stop people from using the card when they stole it!" Fuck you, this shit is simple. Someone stole your card? Call the bank, card is cancelled, and suddenly whoever stole it can't fucking use it.

"But what about when they're using it before you know it's stolen!" During your call to the bank after your discovery of theft, the bank will void those charges. It's easy for them. They press the red "X" button next to a charge. "But it's not that easy, there's red tape bullshit to deal with!" You're an idiot. That red tape is just another bullshit problem with your god damn bank. Don't defend some dude's problem with another one of his god damn problems. Fuck you, stranger.

"But what if someone uses a debit card as credit? During the red tape, that's money missing from your checking account!" Banks made a huge fucking mistake allowing a DEBIT card to be treated as a sort of fake CREDIT card. A lot of banks actually don't let people do this because IT'S FUCKING STUPID. Yours does the debit and credit thing for debit cards? Call them and tell them to change up your shit. If they say "oh we don't have the ability to do that", tell them to blow it out their ass because they do.

What amazes me the most is that the code is a zip code. Most all "stolen" credit cards are not yanked by some stranger, it's teenage kids buying porn on their parents' dime and other family-related bullshit. They know the fucking zip code.

Who the hell are these suits making these fucking decisions.
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