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Boy howdy. I knew you were a lazy, ass-kissing, fat fucking piece of human garbage who just sits on his ass jerking off while everyone else covers your work for you, but never before was it as blatant as last night. I mean really, sending everyone home early and forcing me - alone - to cover all of their closing work while you literally sit there and play Snood on your cell phone, stopping to bitch every thirty seconds about how long I'm taking. Well guess what, fuckhead? It's your own damn fault. You sent everyone else home before their job was done just to make me do it, and you're not doing a single goddamn thing to help. You're literally doing FUCKING NOTHING but running up time on the clock just so you can get paid for doing fuck-all under the pretense of being a "supervisor". You would rather do NOTHING than your own damn job, and the more you get to make me suffer (because I don't kiss your ass constantly, I'm betting), the more you get off on it.

Well the fun times are over, my friend. Your ass is officially reported to the general manager of the company. Good luck finding a new job while you're behind payments on thousands of dollars of credit card debt, have a rap sheet full of drug offenses and got fired from your last job in a shit economy for REFUSING TO WORK. Now either die of a heart attack or buy a revolver and brain yourself already.
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