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Blizzard, you scurvy pile of shit. Give me my fucking account back.

I was happy when I discovered I could plug in the CD keys of my old games into your shitty new battle.net system so I could just download the sumbitches instead of having to hunt down the battle-scarred, decade old CD's. The worst part was always missing one of the motherfuckers, so having them all filed up neatly on a steam-like online service was NEAT.

BUT six months ago some asshole hijacked my account to get at my level 69 troll shaman (who hasn't seen action since bush was still in office) on the worst WOW server ever hooked up, and since then I've filed at least FOUR requests to get my shit back, NONE OF WHICH HAVE GOTTEN ME ANYWHERE. You fucking DEAD MEN even sent me a GOD DAMNED CUSTOMER SERVICE SURVEY to comment on how well your half retarded, half gorilla staff smashed their computers in a fit of confused rage when they realized that they were not in their natural habitat of a Georgia swamp or the high Appalachians huffing spray paint. They never even got to my request. How the hell could they, being as illiterate as they are?

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holy shit dude.
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