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I am so sick of your attitude toward me, you fucking piece of trash. Acting all high and mighty and calling me a worthless slacker while you do absolutely fucking nothing for 15-20 minutes at a time. Don't even fucking deny it, because I've watched you do this shit. You're always just sitting around outside taking 40 smoke breaks a day, going downstairs to loiter around in the laundry room for minutes at a time or running back to the china room and bullshitting with your other fuckbuddies out back while I bust my ass nonstop. But that's never good enough for you, is it? Nope, I constantly get insulted behind my back right in front of everyone, get written up under bullshit pretenses get my hours reduced and my FUCKING HEALTH INSURANCE CUT because I don't work fast enough for your liking (pretty much impossible considering all that coke you do jacks up your perception of time) while you sit around and jerk yourself off for half your shift. Fuck. You.

Who the fuck do you even think you are to criticize me, anyway? You're a worthless brown-nosing coward, you make no attempt to conceal how much of a piece of welfare-scamming trash you really are with your KKK goatee and your serious case of meth-mouth, you smell like shit all the goddamn time (it's called "a bar of soap and a shower", try it sometime), every dime you "earn" here goes toward booze and drugs, and you have to beg people for rides home six out of every seven workdays because your trailer park's communal van (you know, the shitty white-trash soccer mom van with the garbage bag on the window) is always on loan to one of your inbred fuckbuddies. Oh yeah, and your wife who's ten years younger than you (making you a borderline pedophile!) and your two kids who end up in the hospital every other week or so to get more beer bottle shards pulled out of them. Who do you think you're kidding, honestly?

In short, you're a braindead waste of fucking air and pathetic on a level previously unseen by man, except possibly by one Christian Weston Chandler. Since your brain is too far gone to be affected by any attempts at dying of an overdose, here's a better idea: Borrow one of your inbred fuckbuddies' guns and just fucking kill yourself. Better yet, show up on my porch and start making death threats so I have an excuse to do it myself under the make my day law, fuckhead.
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holy shit dude.
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Hey, you! The one doing fuck all other than bitching! Do you know why we get pissed off at you so easily? It's your fucking attitude!

We're having company soon, so what did you do to help clean the house up? You barked orders at everyone, whined about the "mess," dried 3 dishes, cleaned up a few crumbs, then had a nap. I did a majority of the cleaning yesterday, since I'm not working (for reasons that should be fucking obvious to you). Hell, I even managed to help with dinner, get my laundry done, and exercise! What did you do yesterday? Got home early, ate, watched TV, and napped until dinner time. Then you ate again, got drunk, and went to bed! Short story: you did basically FUCK ALL to help out! Good fucking job!

You're a slob, yet you bitch at anyone who forgets to put something away! You rarely help with housework, due to some really fucking old excuses, like "It's my house," "I worked today," and "My [ailment of choice] is acting up." Fuck you! If it were my house, I'd still help keep it clean. Even when I was working, I could still help with the chores. And all those problems you suffer from could be easily fixed: LISTEN TO THE DOCTOR AND LOSE SOME FUCKING WEIGHT! You barely eat anything during the day; at night, you binge on food and booze, then go to bed. And you WONDER why you're having a hard time losing weight!

You say WE'RE the fucking lazy ones, or that we get angry over nothing? Get your ass to detox; you need to be cleansed of the shit you're full of!
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holy shit dude.
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