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Just another pile of motherfucking shit...

"Bullying is unacceptable. We must stop it! But, don't stand up to a bully, because that makes you a horrible person who needs to be shit on! You should talk things out nicely with bullies, or ignore them! And really, if you can't take hurtful insults, you're just a wimpy little pussy who needs to man up." What the fuck is this bullshit?! People aren't allowed to fight back, protect themselves or have feelings anymore? I guess not, because that stuff is BAD. It's far better to let people act like assholes and give them a slap on the wrist for it!

"Life isn't fair. But, that's okay! Just file bullshit complaints or lawsuits, and be an asshole until you get what you want! We'll cater to the incompetent, ignorant, and idiotic!" This shit happens way too often. Employee couldn't read your mind when you specifically wanted him to? Get him fired because "he was mean to you." Spill a hot drink on yourself because you decided to hold it in your lap while you drove? Sue the company who gave you the drink because "it was too hot." Your kids saw BAD SHIT in a videogame because you were too "busy" to check the rating? Whine and bitch endlessly about how "bad and unhealthy" videogames are!

"If you're making record profits, that's not enough! Make sure you screw your employees and customers to make more money." Some companies actually believe minimum wage is sufficient, and anyone who needs more doesn't know how to budget properly. Some companies also believe they can churn out nothing but crap without pissing people off. I think these companies can go fuck themselves! What next? Employees don't need vacation time and customers don't matter at all? Fuck that!

The fuck is this world coming to?
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man that sucks.
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