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cut the crap, i want to flip the bird.
vent, bitch, and moan flipping a digital, written bird.
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Don't think I don't hear all that shit-talking behind peoples backs and all that violent, profane shit you whisper at me every time I walk past you either, fuckwit. You're not clever, and half the shit I've heard could get you fired six times over if you had the balls to say it to my face. But you won't, will you? Nope, because that would deprive you of that weekly wad of drug money had to ass-kiss your way up the chain to "earn". So you're an idiot, a control freak, a cokehead, trailer trash, AND a coward. 5-0, me. Asshole.
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holy shit dude.
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dig our: dumb twitter/sweet tumblr

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