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Hey fuckhead, a little request for you - stop trying to fucking message me on AIM. You're not funny, you're not clever, you're not even capable of any independent thought; you speak entirely in lingo parroted from 4Chan and Encyclopedia Dramatica (oh look, you're so CLEVER and TRENDY now... not) and every "argument" you've ever made is just a petty insult ripped from Maddox or his shitty knockoff Ninja Pirate. I got sick and tired of stooping to your level to try and get through to you, so I left you and your shithole channel behind. That was THREE FUCKING YEARS ago.

Why the hell do you need to pester me anyway; isn't it enough that you still have an IRC channel full of suckups who hang on your every word and defend your childish behavior all the time? Silly me, of course it's not. You're in your twenties, still live with your parents, have no job, no friends, no hobbies (outside of replaying Final Fantasy Tactics for the 500th fucking time) and a shitty, asinine personality. But lucky you, you can just leech off mommy's AOL account, register an IRC channel based on a popular game, wait for a few people to roll in, and then act like a complete fucking asshat for eighteen hours a day, seven days a week until they all either shut up and become your spineless pawns or leave in disgust. Then, if anyone ever dares question your "flawless" opinion again, you just sit back and type out petty insults while your minions justify your every word by following up every line with "LOL NICEONE" or accusing your detractor of "creating drama"; pretty funny when YOU'RE the one instigating every fucking second of it with this shit just for a cheap laugh.

And no, I'm not just "sore over losing an argument"; you're incapable of rebutting a point or even FORMING one. Have a few examples:

Me: "I liked how Super Metroid told a story without being really verbose"
You: "I liked how Super Metroid was a boring piece of shit LOL!"

Oh wow, you take what I said, twist the words around and repeat it back to me as a petty slam. Yeah, that's a true display of intelligence and wit there. Christ. Quit sponging off your mom's AOL account long enough to get a GED and then maybe we'll talk.

Me: "Final Fantasy 8 was a crappy game."

No, dipshit, I didn't mean Final Fantasy 4. If I meant it, I would have fucking SAID it.

Me: "Star Ocean had terrible voice acting."
You: "No it didn't dude it rocked"
Me: "Did you HEAR Precis' voice?"
Coward #1: "LOL"
Coward #2: "LOL"
Coward #3: "LOL"

I return a valid counterpoint and you and your stooges just laugh it off instead of trying to counter it. Amazing.

Or how about this.

Coward #4: "Secret of Mana was awesome"
Me: "Secret of Evermore was better"
You: "I liked Square's action RPGs, except for that Evermore piece of trash :D"

You can't just let it go, oh no. You have to say SOMETHING to put down whatever the fuck I bring up, even when I'm NOT TALKING TO YOU.

Oh, and let's not forget this, which perfectly sums up your stupid, childish attitude.

"I am playing [Game X]"
"Ew :("

You can NEVER just leave ANYTHING I say alone. You have to push my buttons by responding to it like a four year old girl who just saw a dead spider. Every time. Fucking incredible.

Oh, and I don't even have to SAY anything sometimes; you'll shoehorn shit like "YOU KNOW GOLDENEYE WAS A PIECE OF SHIT AND WHOEVER LIKES IT IS A FAGORT LOL!&!*%@@#$$" into every conversation you possibly can with SOMEBODY ELSE just to try and provoke a reaction out of me. Wow.

So what the hell is this? Do you get that much of a thrill out of this playground bullshit, regardless of how little (if any) reaction you actually get out of it? I'd have more respect for you if you'd just called me a fag and banned me, but no, of course not. You have to bitch, whine and mock everything I ever say, day in and day out for fucking months on end, no doubt in some vain attempt to whittle me down into being one of your puppets. And while you do this, you assert that you're "taking the high road" for not banning people for their opinions, as if because being a childish fucktard about absolutely everything puts you so much further up the maturity ladder. Yeah, right.

Well, guess what: I'm not falling for your little ploy. I will _never_ fall in line to an obnoxious man-child who can't even make a single intelligent statement. If you have enough free time to try and badger me at all hours of the day, you've also got plenty of time to learn how to actually debate a point, get a job, move out of mommy's basement and think of ways to change your shitty personality instead of trying to force everyone to accept yours under the threat of alienation and mockery. If you're not willing to do that, fine; disregard my advice, be satisfied with your handful of yes-men, and remain a basement lurking coward forever. But either way, get the fuck out of my life and stay out.
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