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My parents are nice people. Until I bring up the topic that I'm going to ConBravo, a convention in Hamilton. I'm financially stable for the time being and I'm staying at a friend's place during the convention's run. So why do you wonder what's the big deal about, it's that my parents are refusing to let me go out of Toronto to Hamilton because I won't be taking my medications to sleep properly at night. Granted I can sleep sometimes without them, but anyways it's really aggravating that they are too damn concerned for me. I'll be completely fine without my medication for like three days and what's worse is that they let my brother go to Guelph and not me which is totally unfair. I'm sick and tired of having shouting matches with my damned mom and dad and I just wish to have a good time at the convention with my friends. Hell, they even know and trust the friend who I plan on staying over at and it's puzzling that my parents won't let me go when I've got things in my favor. I tried convincing my mom a lot but the bitch won't acknowledge my words to her thick skull. She wouldn't listen that what I'm doing is harmless fun and that I'll be back safe and sound when it's all over. Sorry about my ranting, it's just it's really aggravating that my parents claim that they wish for my happiness, yet they flip out when I'm planning to spread my wings and have some harmless fun. I'll be glad when the time comes for me to move out because yeah, fuck my parent's unfairness.
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