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Fuck Ells Smith Fallon. She’s a backstabbing, lying, attention seeking, fake ass bitch that never deserved support, attention or kindness.Your best friend breaks up with her controlling toddler of a boyfriend and first chance you get you fat fuck, you open your legs and have that emotional golem look a like to hump you and you won’t even forgive your “friend” because you’d much rather be his emotional punching bag! Well congratulations you’ve literally won the Jack pot there you fucktard! Everyone knows you are a fucking liar the amount of bullshit that comes out of your mouth and that fucking lanky prick just swallows it all doesn’t he? She’ll drop you for other “friends” and she won’t think twice about stabbing you in the back so she get fucked cos a whore is a whore is a whore. She went to America to work and Ells the fucking slut that she is meets a random stranger and lets him take her to his truck and lets this 50 year old ransomed fuck her. Real classy Ella...real classy! I'm no angel but you basically tried to destroy my life. Turned all MY friends against me and tried to basically be me. Difference is you can't be me sweetheart. I'm a good person. I don't just create drama cos I'm young and dumb as fuck! I could still take him from you and that's your biggest fear isn't it lady fat fuck? Well I don't want him, he's a controlling lazy pig! So enjoy that waste of breathing space! Neither of you are gonna have any sort of a career in acting! Ella is a shit singer she always plays the same role you have 0 diversity in your acting abilities! And your boyfriend is just an asslicking cunt and real people don't ducking like that in the industry! Just remember I’ve fucked him in pretty much every room of his house and I hope you realise the bed you sleep in I've fucked him in before you so think on that before you go to sleep you fat, smelly, desperate silly little girl, oh and btw he likes it when you put your finger in his ass, yeah it really turns him on the fucking freak! So enjoy you fucking beached whale. Have a shit day!
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