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You know what? I appreciate you guys giving me a job, but there are some things that are starting to really piss me off.

Why the fuck do the managers distance themselves from the cashiers? They either hang out near the front of the store, duck out of sight, or start up registers only to end up with a huge batch of customers. There are no radios or pagers for contacting managers, so we're effectively screwed if they do this shit.

Why is there so much broken stuff? Scanners, registers, tags, buttons, codes. You name it, there always seems to be something fucking up. And each register has its own weird tic. I understand things break and can't be perfect, but why is EVERY day like this? I keep hearing stuff about new registers and repairs, but I have yet to see anything happen.

Can anyone explain to me why the self-checkout bit has so many weird bugs? I've seen entire orders wiped out, audits that happen at random, and scanners that refuse to accept coupons or even scan some items. All it takes is one tiny ass mistake in the scanning process and something that should be convenient turns into nightmarish bullshit.

Why are necessary supplies so hard to come by? Bags, paper towels, cleaning fluid, pens, and other necessities instantly become rarities the moment we need them. You want us to clean up spills and keep things moving? Then give us the stuff to do so!

You'd have much happier employees and customers if this shit was dealt with.
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