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Alright, so maybe I don’t have it as bad as you guys, but my childhood was pretty bad. You see, I lived in a small little neighborhood and was a really quiet kid. I only had one friend growing up because he was the only one who could understand me for some reason. The guy was one of those hippies, though, always going on about loving nature and shit. Still, we got along pretty well, hanging out every day and what not. It got to the where we were practically inseparable.
He did hang out with some of the other kids from the neighborhood, though, but they were never really people I’d stick around. One was this guy who always thought he was alpha as fuck just because he could do some tricks on his bike. He would always hit on the only decent looking girl in the neighborhood which annoyed the fuck out of my friend. Another one was the son of immigrants and I could barely understand anything he said. Maybe I’ll sound racist, but the ways of his old country were weird as fuck and I used to hate going to his house. One time I even got my head cut there; I still have the scar. Anyway, then there was this one toddler with crooked ass teeth who I swear to god acted gay as hell but always claimed he was in love with this little girl in our neighborhood.
I don’t get why anyone would like that girl, though. She was the most annoying little sadistic brat you’ll ever meet. Her older brother got the worst of it. Poor guy was mentally challenged and she would brutalize him all the time simply because she knew he wouldn’t be able to tell on her. It wasn’t only his sister who would take advantage of the guy, though. His so-called “best friend” was a real asshole. Yeah, his “best friend” used to manipulate him and some nerd into building stuff for him so he could sell it since his parents never gave him money for shit. I can see why, though, money is all that fucker ever thinks about and as soon as he gets it he spends it on stupid crap like candy. My friend used to buy stuff from him all the time. In fact, all the kids did, probably because there was nothing better to do.
I never did buy anything though since I’m a board of wood named Plank.
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