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cut the crap, i want to flip the bird.
vent, bitch, and moan flipping a digital, written bird.
whoa no! it's bird 973b49 ♦ get crackin' and browse more you slob.
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Wow. I'm fucking floored right now. I departed your shit channel SIX. YEARS. AGO. and you're still trying to pester me into coming back. Get a fucking hint, you braindead shit - it's NEVER going to happen. Ever. Not in a billion fucking years. I'd rather drown in gasoline than put up with your shitty, immature channer bullshit for one more minute. Now go drown yourself and end your pathetic wastoid existence. And take your shitty little yes-men with you, because if they really think devoting their lives to being controlled by a belligerent manchild who worships 4chan as god is a worthy pursuit, their lives aren't worth living anyways.
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man that sucks.
this is just one of many birds.
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dig our: dumb twitter/sweet tumblr

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