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I am so sick of GOP Texas cock weasels and their goddamned childish bullshit! Gay marriage is coming to this state and there is fuck all you can do about it! So grow the fuck up and realize that the lesbian couple down the street tying the knot isn't going to make your marriage any less valid, nor will denying them make it any healthier. FUCK OFF!!!

Oh, and to the guy who called me and said his son "turned gay" when he went to college. Wake the fuck up! Your son loves sucking sweaty man cock and swallowing hot loads of cum, and he always has. He only came out now because he's gotten far enough away from your judgmental overbearing ass to feel comfortable enough to be himself.

I swear to Christ, I'm gonna marry a man and go on a honeymoon just for the hell of it when equality finally becomes legal in this piece of shit jerkwater state.
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