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Right off the bat, let me say that you can just spare me the whole sob story about how you're "sorry" that you've been nothing but cold and abusive toward me for years now, because we've already been through this routine a dozen times over. You let out a half-hearted generic apology, then two hours later you go right back to knifing me in the back and inviting me to your pathetic little Facebook circle-jerk so you can have a "debate" with me where you insult me to my face, post hate speech all over my wall, start calling me names and hurling abuse when I ignore you, then go brag to your pathetic little yes-men about how you've won another "victory for your cause" because I refuse to indulge your bigoted horseshit. You didn't "win" an argument as you've failed to change a single person's mind about anything, and you didn't "lose" my friendship, because you never had had such a thing to begin with. Because you don't have "friends"; you have bowling pins which you just set up and knock down over and over again so you can feel like a big man. You can spare me any glib excuses about how you don't do this shit either, because I've witnessed it firsthand; you act polite to someone's face, then turn right around and knife them in the back as soon as they're no longer within earshot. Hell, you don't even bother doing it behind MY back most of the time; you just turn right around and call me a shithead while I'm in the same room. I've seen you do it, too, and let me tell you: you're a real piece of work, guy.

Oh yeah, and nobody cares about your stupid militant atheist bullshit either, least of all me (an atheist myself). You're not being "kept down" for not believing in a god; you're being kept down by your own smarmy, self-assured attitude and the fact that you clearly have no interest in anything other than yourself. To you, "people" are just tools for you to exploit for your own personal gain and look down on for your own self-gratification, and "friends" are just people you're either feigning politeness towards so you can manipulate them and then throw them away when they're no longer useful to you. Either that or doormats whom you've bullied into compliance with your shitty, self-absorbed lifestyle, no doubt under the threat of revealing dirty laundry you discreetly collected on them when you still had them fooled into thinking you were a decent person. Even more amazingly, you do all of this while claiming you're "making the world a better place" and taking the "moral high ground". Well, you're not; you are the very same bitter, hateful, group-thinking individual you imagine your "enemies" to be. It'd be funny if it weren't so sad.

Speaking of "high ground", I also find it pretty humorous disgusting how you regularly talk down to people about their beliefs, saying they're "deluded" or "in denial" or "being deceived". Especially when you act polite to them in a public setting, then turn around and use those very same people as your personal punching bags whenever they're not around. The world is not going down the toilet because of "religion" or whatever cause you choose to scapegoat this week; it is because of two-faced, self-absorbed filth like you who just view others as a means to an end, whether that end is amassing status or labeling someone "inferior" and looking down on them so you never have to put any effort into becoming a decent human being yourself. You have no moral ground to stand on when you criticize someone for having faith in a system you perceive to be deceptive and exploitative when you're deceiving and exploiting everyone around you for your own personal gain, because what you fail to realize (or simply don't care to acknowledge) is that both you and the people you broad-brush and demonize embrace the exact same rhetoric; the only difference is that they allegedly call it "the will of God" while you call it "friendship". Again, the irony would be laughable if it weren't so sad.

So... no. Despite what you've deluded yourself into thinking (and harangued everyone around you into saying), you are not a "force for good" in a "world full of corruption" and your actions aren't "justified" because you're some "oppressed minority" who "isn't getting respect he deserves"; you're a sociopathic, bigoted bully who forces his beliefs on others with blackmail and threats of further harassment, and I have no respect for you or anyone like you. Nobody does. Oh, and the fact that you're now a used car salesman fits right in with that image too - someone who puts on a respectable face while pushing empty lies to line their own pockets. A picture-perfect image, even if that commission you make is far more than you deserve.

Your former bowling pin,

Oh, and don't bother replying because I have absolutely no interest in enabling you any further. But know this: you can either choose to stay out of my life and those of my family and friends (as in actual friends, not what you refer to as "Those things I just use up and throw away so I can get ahead in life") for the rest of your miserable existence, or, one way or another, I will personally see to it that you do.
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