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First of all, I had no part in your banning from the community - you can thank Z for starting with the IRC and V for finishing the job in Discord. I have logs to support the latter claim as well, with V and L and myself personally denouncing your thoughtless hate-mongering. That said, I doubt you even honestly care. Seeing you put more faith in the rhetoric of Breitbart and Infowars and David Duke's tweets than accredited news organizations that base their reporting on pesky, sometimes inconvenient facts leads me to believe that you're not actually interested in having a discussion about this, or anything at all for that matter; you'd seemingly much rather derail, hurl personal attacks and fire out an endless stream of fallacies so you can "win the argument" and feel good about yourself whilst never sparing a thought for who is actually in the right. This is the mark of both a bigot and a narcissist.

Yes, I said it. While those words are overused to the point of inanity these days, I use them here in full earnest and with no degree of irony. Narcissists and bigots - both far left and far right - have no regard for facts or truth of any kind; they just want to beat the war drum over anything they can in order to earn prestige, muddy the waters of discourse, and amass an army of yes-men they can use as tools to forcibly silence anyone they don't like. I'm sad to see you go down this road, especially when you're using it to drive a wedge between us as a community. I still love you as a friend, but I've lost a great deal of respect for you as a critic, a man of science and someone who strives to be a decent human being. By all means, if you decide to pull the stick out of your ass one day and apologize, I'd be open to a return. But as of now, you're simply not welcome among us anymore. Have a nice day.
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dig our: dumb twitter/sweet tumblr

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