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Well holy shit, it's about time this fucking retard camp got kicked out, because for the entire eleven years I've been here, every single one of you have been nothing but a drag on this company. You think you're hot shit, that you're untouchable, and that you can do no wrong. Well, bullshit. You're irresponsible, unprofessional, backstabbing shitheads who talk trash to people behind their backs and even to their face, using such endearing terms as "shithead" and "retard" to describe me in particular. You call people "lazy" and "useless" while you're donging around on Facebook on your phones all day (a violation of code which is clearly posted in plain sight for everyone to see), eating right in the middle of the kitchen (ditto) or just sitting downstairs watching Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity tell you that the reason the country isn't going to shit isn't because of useless freeloading assholes like you, it's all those BROWN PEOPLE you've tricked yourself into thinking that you're fully justified in never keeping on for more than a week.

On top of that, you like to pretend you're hot shit and that you're worthy of that executive chef position you've ass-kissed your way into because you make sure "shit gets done". Well, no, that's a fucking lie. As mentioned, all you do all day is sit around in your office and jerk off, maybe emerging for ten minutes every three hours or so to "check up on everybody" and whine that they're too slow at their jobs, or just going to order lunch from the grill in the middle of rush time, widening their already swamped backlog even further. That's not leadership, asshole; leadership is actually making sure shit gets done. You turn off the TV, get your ass upstairs and run around like a goddamn dog to make sure everything is to spec at all times. And if it's not getting done, you get in there and you do it yourself. That's leadership. You wonder why you can't keep any hired help on for more than a month? Well, there's your answer; you're not setting any kind of good example by screaming like a four-year-old who didn't get a Power Ranger for his birthday - you're just proving that you're an over-the-hill, wasted, uselesss shitstain who only got where he did because he knew how to lick the old management's asshole, and now that he's gone, you've got absolutely no claim to fame. Good job. I hope it's all worth it when you work the rest of your career at McDonald's working 60 hours a week for minimum wage. You know, like all the times you've fucked me and countless others out of raises for not "working hard enough", even to the point of cutting my goddamn hours down to sub-part time and costing me my health insurance. Yeah, thanks a lot motherfucker.

Your kids are just as worthless and shitty as you are too, but then again, what do you expect when they have someone like you to freeload off of and suppress any complaints filed against them for their shitty behavior? Oh, but the one that absolutely slays me is that dog-faced whore all three of you are fucking on the side. From day one, all she has done is sleep around with you three fuckheads so she could be as useless, shitty and two-faced as you are and get away scot-free for it. How you haven't caught on to that is anyone's guess, but then again, we've already seen that you're not exactly the fastest on the uptake or any kind of person who lives in actual reality, so in a way, I guess you're made for each other - an abusive whore abusing who think's she's god other abusive whores who think they're better than god when they're all really just white trash losers who only took up a career in food service so they don't run the risk of being randomly screened for mary jane and crack.

Racist, sexist, elitist pigs, the whole lot of you. Wherever you go after this, you don't deserve it. Exhaust the last of your unemployment and then brain yourselves with a shotgun, because that's all you have ever been worth.
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