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The problem bronies face is not "discrimination" or "prejudice"; it's the fact that you make yourselves such easy targets for mockery. I couldn't give less of a shit what children's cartoons you watch in your spare time, and neither could anyone else for that matter. Yet you insist on waving your pony avatar around everywhere you go like it's a badge of honor and telling every complete stranger you meet how lovely and wonderful your beloved show is and how they're evil and disgusting if they disagree. The only reason anyone is "anti-brony" is not because you choose to watch a show, but because you choose to wage war over said show.

Case in point, I made a joke on a description I posted over TWO YEARS ago about how insane Bioware fans are while throwing in a playful jab at bronies, and you've gone well out of your way to dig through my entire 400+ video upload list in order to track down the one paragraph where bronies are even mentioned and use it as a platform to try and start a fight with me. While also making sure to list off about a dozen other things in your comment that I could easily make fun of you for, possibly just so you have more ammunition to use against me later.

The decision you face on a daily basis is a very simple one: You can either be the bigger man, let your detractors go and just enjoy whatever you like in private, or waste every spare second of your life patrolling every last corner of the Internet to find anyone you perceive as having slighted you, then call them out and add more fuel to the fire. Think about that. And I mean actually think about it - don't just fire off some knee-jerk insult at me and then march right back onto the warpath...
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