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cut the crap, i want to flip the bird.
vent, bitch, and moan flipping a digital, written bird.
whoa no! it's bird 1484fa ♦ get crackin' and browse more you slob.
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thanks a lot for getting all your friends to testify that i'm some sort of rapist because i show tonetta videos at one am on the common room tv and i said no to you until i realized i had nowhere to go! really appreciate that! if your dad didn't donate all his god damn grocery store magnate money to this shithole college you'd be in jail, fucker because i was sixteen and you got me too drunk and scared to not fuck you, a fucking twentysix year old college super-super-super senior.
literally every lawyer i've spoken to understands that you committed a class one misdemeanor against me and i hope that you've done this before, because it just means that your sorry ass will rot in jail for even longer for preying on so many tiny girls i mean how the fuck can you even say i intimidated you with a straight face when i literally look like i'm ten and don't have any friends in high places and you're three times my size & your dad's friends with the Head Dean honcho

rot and die and all your shitty friends too who said they were "so scared of me that they had to lock their doors" on the same day that all of them invited me out for drinks i didn't know my habit quoting jerkcity when stoned was a crime you are all such pathetic little frat nerds
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holy shit dude.
this is just one of many birds.
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